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It's only life... ♥

"It's just life <3"

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and it still wasn’t enough…


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I mean, we all die eventually. I could die tomorrow. I could die tonight. So tell me, why do I have to try so hard just to survive? Why do I have to live in this misery when it could all just end anyway?

Anonymous Asked:
Hi, I just wanted to say that I really admire you and I noticed that you're having a hard time tonight and so I just thought you should know that people care about you and that you can make it through tonight and people are here to listen.

My answer:

If you knew me, you’d know there’s nothing to admire or care about. Thanks though, whoever you are for taking the time to message.

Those nights when you just sit on your bed in tears, in the darkness, and you just cry and you beg God to make it stop. Just make it all stop because you can’t handle it anymore. You can’t handle the pain and the hurt. It’s too much. Breathing hurts. Waking up in the morning hurts. And you just want to end it all. You need for it to end. Just please, make it stop!

Starting NOW! I’m done being pathetic.

"I hate me too. I don’t see a reason for trying, or talking or breathing. I want to die"